Summer 7’s

Are you a new player looking to try rugby? A college student home for the summer? A 15’s player looking to increase general fitness? Summer 7’s is for you!

Summer 2017 

Practice will begin 5/18 @6:30pm – Colt Park.  7’s practice will continue every Thursday @ 6:30pm until the end of July!



6/24/17 Danbury 7’s
7/08/17 Sprignfield 7’s
7/22/17 Boston 7’s
07/29/16 Saranac 15’s

Summer 2016

Date Tournament
06/18/16 Worcester 7’s
6/26/16 Danbury 7’s
7/12/16 Springfield 7’s
7/12/16 New England 10’s
7/20/16 Cape Cod 7’s
08/06/16 Saranac 15’s
08/06/16 Gate City 7’s

Summer 2015

Date Tournament
06/20/15 Worcester 7’s
6/27/15 Danbury 7’s
7/11/15 Springfield 7’s
07/12/15 New England 10’s
07/18/15 Cape Cod 7’s
08/01/15 Saranac 15’s
08/08/15 Gate City 7’s