What is Jaguar Kickball?

What is Jaguar Kickball?

40082_1374193551408_1128884442_30856038_1587501_nJaguar Kickball is a fundraiser put on by the Hartford Wild Roses Rugby Football Club. Our fundraising events are integral to the success of our team. The money goes to help ensure we have the equipment, refs, field space, medical, and all other necessities covered to allow the legacy of Hartford Roses to continue on for many years to come. We have been holding the event for several years now -and it is always a blast!

For the entrance fee you get all the food you can eat, all the beer you can drink, and at least two games (depending on how many teams enter). Costumes are more than encouraged (considering there is a prize given out for the best-dressed team). Get creative and come have some fun with us!

All attendees of the tournament must be 21 years of age or older. It is against the law to buy, serve, or allow underage drinking. We ask all participants and fans to adhere to the law. Anyone under the age of 30 is subject to an identification check, so please have photo identification on hand. We hold the right to refuse concessions, and/or excuse any person from participating due to disrespectful behavior. We are thankful for your participation and ask that you help us throw a fun and successful event for everyone involved!

Three most important rules governing the entire event: Have Fun – Be Respectful – And NEVER Spill Your Beer!

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