Rules of the Game

The Official

1. The official is always right.

2. Games are 7 innings long or 35 minutes.
3. Every player shall bat once each inning. When the last batter of an inning puts the ball into play, the inning will end either when the batter has been put out, cored, or when the defense is in possession of the ball while touching home plate. No tag is necessary at home plate on the final out.
4. The batter is out in situations similar to softball (forceouts, popouts, etc.) In addition, a runner is out when s/he is hit by a thrown ball below the waist.
5.  A batter has only one attempt at kicking the ball. A missed attempt or a foul ball is an out.
6. In order to prevent injury and protect the defensive player attempting to make a play on a base runner, the base runner must be called out ifs/he remains standing and deliberately, with great force, crashes into a defensive player holding the ball, waiting to apply a tag. If the act is determined to be flagrant, the offender shall also be ejected from the tournament. This also means no more beer.
7. Bunting will not be permitted and is considered a dead ball and an automatic out.
8. Rock-Paper-Scissor will determine which team bats first. Be ready to bat in proper order. Please hustle on and off the field as there is a limited time in effect (except in semi final and final games).
9. Teams must furnish a scorekeeper in the event of a protest.
10. Any player can play any position defensively.
11. Each team must have at least three players of each sex. Teams must alternate batting order by sex as far down the order as possible.
12. Ties will be decided by a boat race between the two teams (aka, a beer chugging contest. If you are a non-drinker, water is acceptable).
a tie breaker